Zeeland a province where the marine life is diverse and rich country life, and that with the most sunshine in the Netherlands. The Delta works with its bridges and dams provide good connections between the islands and are definitely worth visiting. Delta works to protect Zealand as a possible flood in 1953. Of course there is also the Westerschelde and there are several ferries which connect pieces Zealand. Zealand has much to offer because: zee, strand, rust, rural scenery, beautiful cities and villages. For large and small enough to live in New Zealand namely: row, fish, to dive, flying a kite, surfing(kite), beach life, swimming, culinary food, bicycles, shopping etc.. Zealand is rich in water because: Lake Veere, Lake Grevelingen, the Oosterschelde, the Western, various channels and creeks. In Zeeland Flanders is the Braakman and the Drowned Land of beautiful nature Saeftinghe. Zeeland also has forest areas, this behind the dunes of Domburg, Oostkapelle and in Burgh-Haamstede. In the forest of Burgh-Haamstede is a mountain bike trail for terrain cyclists among us.

From Vlissingen where our apartments are located, you can walk, bicycle or car to explore good Zealand. Current limited possibilities to Vlissingen and surroundings. By bike you can discover Walcheren and fast bike ferry is within half an hour in Dutch Flanders. By car easy to reach all areas in and outside the province as: Schouwen-Duiveland, Tholen, North Beveland, Walcheren, Zeeland Flanders and Belgium.
In Vlissingen area you can go to, the Boulevard, where you have a magnificent view at the statue of Michiel de Ruyter in the past incoming ocean vessels. You can also go to the beach, downtown shops or to the various attractions like the small family park Armory or the Iguana reptile zoo.

cycling on Walcheren the following towns and villages well worth. Veere, oostkapelle, Domburg, Westkappelle, Zoutelande, Middelburg.

Veere is located on the Veerse Lake and has a nice marina. Veere has previously been an important port and is full of monuments.

Between Domburg in oostkapelle lies, in a wooded area, castle Westhove. Besides castle Westhove Terra Maris is the former Zeeland Biological Museum. Here you can visit an aquarium and stuffed birds from the region. In the botanical garden are given raptor shows in the summer. In the accompanying orangery you can enjoy a cup of coffee after a brisk walk in the woods.
In the seaside town of Domburg, you can enjoy shopping. Especially on Sundays when the shops are open, the see and be seen in Domburg. You can also visit the recreation pool Pearl. Pearl also features a sauna and bowling alley.

In the most westerly part of Walcheren lies Westkappelle. is an old â € œshermantankâ € on the seafront of Westkappelle ?? commemorating the heavy bombing during World War II.

Zoutelande is easily and quickly accessible by bicycle. From Vlissingen a bike path is underneath the dunes. Within 15 minutes cycling in the great market that always takes place on the Tuesday. In addition, the residential boulevard is illuminated at night.

Middelburg is the capital of Zeeland and is full of monuments. For information please visit Middelburg

By car ride of the north namely Schouwen-Duiveland and is accessible via the Brouwers, the Grevelingendam, The Zeeland Bridge or the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier. One of the most famous monument city of the Netherlands is located on Schouwen-Duiveland and Zierikzee. A visit during your vacation this city VOC worth. From Zierikzee you can Zeelandbrug to Colijnsplaat which lies in North Beveland. Recreational divers to the nearby Oosterschelde indulge. In addition, the Grevelingen in Brouwershaven and Scharendijke is also recommended. Various routes can be found in the western part of Schouwen-Duiveland. In this section you will find the famous places Renesse and Burgh-Haamstede. Between the Oosterschelde and the Grevelingenmeer Bruinisse its ports.

North Beveland bordering the North Sea, Oosterschelde and Lake Veere. The sailor is in this area more than their money's worth. At Lake Veere are several villages like Kamperland, Geersdijk, Kats and Kortgene.

between the Eastern and the Western South Beveland. Especially Bag South Beveland ?? is ideal for cycling. Various routes lead you along Kloetinge, Wolphaarsdijk, wemeldinge, chapel, Heinkenszand, Baarland, Nisse, Hoedenkenskerke, Ellewoutsdijk, Borssele, Yerseke, Kruiningen Rilland.

at Borssele The nature reserve is Kaloot ??. Here at low tide fossil shells and shark teeth. Yerseke is of course known for its oysters and mussels. Shop, fishing and a visit to a restaurant is definitely worth. A great fun place to shop in South Beveland was Goes.

On the island Tholen You can visit the cities Tholen, Sint-Maartensdijk, Sint-Annaland, Stavenisse, Oud-Vossemeer, Poortvliet and Scherpenisse.

Dutch Flanders is also easy to reach the bike ferry from Vlissingen to Breskens bike. If you drive to the “other side” wish to go you have to go through the Westerschelde. After visiting the fortified Holly and Sas van Gent you can go eat delicious mussels in Philippine.

Terneuzen the Scheldeboulevard and Axel are recommended. An absolute highlight is Sluis where you can shop Burgundian. Flora and fauna, etc.. etc., too many to mention, see Oostburg, groede, Nieuwvliet, Retranchement, Schoondijke, Eede, Hoofdplaat, Koewacht, Westdorpe, Zuiddorpe, Sint-Kruis, Waterlandkerkje, Zuidzande, Biervliet, mob, Hengstdijk, Kloosterzande, New Names and Sint Anna ter Muiden.

From Breskens his Cadzand-Bad, Sluis and Aardenburg nice bike destinations. Walking and cycling can be in the nature reserve De Braakman ??. from Cadzand, where you can find shark teeth, you walk through the Zwin ?? Knokke in Belgium to. During the walk you can see native birds. Another beautiful park is the Drowned country Saefthinge. Walks are mandatory under the guidance here because you can easily get lost in the tidal area.

Within an hour's drive from Vlissingen you can visit the Belgian top as Antwerp, Brugge, Ghent and Knokke.

In Antwerp You can create themed walks with themes as art, diamond, water, and mode. A visit to the diamond district close to Central Station is well worth it. Naturally Antwerp offers plenty of bars and restaurants to pamper the inner man.

In Brugge, ever European Capital of Culture, You can take a boat trip. The city itself looks like an open air museum.

Gent is known for its Festival of Flanders. Nowhere in the world are so many historical buildings together.

From Knokke you can take the tram all the way to the Panne near France. You will drive along the Belgian coast and passing several Heist, Zeebrugge, Blankenberge, Wenduine, Rooster, Bredene, Oostende, Newport etc.. Knokke is a fashionable seaside resort with lots of art galleries and exclusive boutiques.